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We are an alum of Intel, Silicon Graphics, and Qualcomm; technicians from MIT and Caltech business owners and inventors from Silicon Valley; enthusiasts for all digital things; big thinkers in technology's potential; huge believers in human potential.

Quality Assurance in Services and Testing for Enhanced Quality and Minimized Cost

The quality assurance software testing services team at Web and SEO Pro consists of highly competent computer science graduates who have expertise with today's in-demand testing tools and procedures and are capable of providing top-notch Quality assurance services.

We have the knowledge to completely test your application against the requirements and from the perspective of end-users, whether it's a mobile application, web application, ERP, or a large enterprise, since we are the pioneers of quality testing services in town!

QA outsourcing helps firms to focus on product development while also reducing employee onboarding time and eliminating the need to seek, interview, and hire QA engineers for their in-house team.

Reduce expenditures, save time, and begin testing.

Managed Testing Services

We at Web and SEO Pro believe in 'doing the fundamentals right,' which is why we adhere to industry best practices to minimize the likelihood of application issues later on. Our team of experienced quality assurance in consulting as service resources with strong manual testing concepts not only find errors early in the growth cycle but also assist teams avoid hitches in the expansion process by using smart Manual testing tools, making it more thoughtful and productive from the beginning to the end. Our expert team members' strategic approach enables us to give the most dependable manual testing services.

Automation Testing

In today's competitive world, automated software testing is critical to ensuring that a project achieves its goals. When testing huge projects and software created over numerous iterations, benefits such as speed, cost-effectiveness, and precision may be obtained if applied effectively. Test automation is a series of pre-written scripts that run automatically and complete all tasks without the need for human interaction, reducing the danger of human mistakes, which is especially important while working in a competitive setting.

Automation is a commanding tool that, when used correctly, can benefit both large and small enterprises. Reliable automated testing services are necessary to ensure that this technology has been utilized correctly. Web And SEO Pro employs some of the best testers in the industry, with the ability to create cutting-edge automation frameworks employing the most powerful and successful automation testing techniques. We offer mobile automation testing as well as automated internet testing in addition to our excellent automation testing services.

Web And SEO Pro, the automation experts, provides a wide range of automation testing services to help companies achieve their aim of boosting velocity across the software development life cycle.

Our Test Automation Strategy:

  • Examining the viability of test automation and calculating the return on investment.
  • Evaluation and selection of test automation tools.
  • Design and operation of a test automation framework.
  • Scripting and execution of test automation.

On-Demand Testing Services

On-demand testing is useful in a variety of circumstances. Such requests are frequently made by teams who are close to delivering a product and want extra QA staff. Others may not have an in-house QA staff, but they intelligently decide to do tests before releasing their product. Others hear user complaints about a recently released product and want to demonstrate that they are responsive to customer input.

On-demand testing services have the potential to change the way product development teams and IT companies purchase testing services and manage their QA budgets. This strategy allows you to transition from capital to operational spending, lowering your QA expenditures, lowering IT maintenance costs, and removing the need for IT and testing workers to set up and set up various test environments.

When an unanticipated project or a change in delivery schedule leaves you short on the software QA skills, you need to deliver on time, and you'll need on-demand software testing.

We can assist you with as little as a few days' notice and no long-term commitments.

Web And SEO Pro has a strong team of Software Test Engineers on staff. For our clients, we have a bench ready for Surge Testing. This team of Test Engineers is available to work on your on-demand software testing project.

We evaluate products.

  • Software for the Desktop
  • Applications Made to Order
  • Apps for iPhone and iPad Apps for Android Apps for eCommerce Platforms
  • Websites for Windows Phone applications

Quality Assurance Consultancy

For a good reason, quality assurance consulting, also known as quality systems consulting or quality management consulting, is in high demand. Manufacturers and service providers today are under a lot of pressure from authorities all over the world to comply with a never-ending list of regulations, standards, and quality efforts. Consumers also want them to deliver better, less expensive products and services.

While there are several digital quality assurance services firms available, you should always seek one that takes an accommodating approach to consultation and does not push its own point of view on you. It is usually preferable to discover a solution that is most appropriate and hence unique to your circumstances. Companies that insist on a single bundle must be avoided at all costs.

Software quality assurance (SQA) as a service is a way of monitoring and ensuring the quality of software engineering processes and procedures. This refers to the full software development process, which includes steps like:

  • Requirement’s definition
  • Designing software
  • Code reviews Source code control
  • Management of software configuration
  • Release management
  • Integration of products

Web And SEO Pro QA professionals will not only enforce industry best practices but will also provide meaningful and applicable plans to enhance procedures in order to maintain a high level of service quality.
Web And SEO Pro can also provide you with a variety of consulting services to help you improve your Quality Assurance Cycle by implementing the following methodology:

Plans for a Roadmap to Resolution
We take the time to figure out where your pain is coming from and adapt our services to address the source of the problem. Our skilled employees will be with you every step of the way until the problem is resolved, as a consequence of the "roadmap."

Methodology Based on Metrics
Our approach isn't based on random "expertise" but rather on the tried-and-true techniques and historical data that have helped protect countless other projects since our inception years ago.

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Taylor Whitaker

Choosing Web and SEO Pro was certainly the best decision I have ever made. Their services were outstanding. The way they designed the website was amazing and beyond my expectations. The new website helped me in attracting new customers and increasing the overall success ratio.

Mindy James

I'd highly recommend Web and SEO Pro because these guys are the best. The overall team was friendly and easy to work with. Moreover, they increased my website's SEO. • There were some changes that I needed in the website and they were happy to revise it.

Jim Colgan

The account manager assigned to me was very responsive and friendly. I received my project on time and they also provided me with the proper guidance throughout the journey. I loved working with them. I'd highly recommend Web and SEO Pro.

Paul Benjamin

For my website, I shared what I had in my mind. I shared a few templates with the team and allowed them to implement their creativity to the rest of the website. The team revamped the entire website in the committed time frame. The new website was not only attractive and worth it but it also helped me in increasing the ROI.

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