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Field Service Automation Solutions

Field service organizations have specialized teams to manage a variety of activities and procedures in order to give good service. This necessitates a high degree of coordination, quick reaction times, and a mechanism for scheduling and dispatching service jobs that is efficient.

Field service automation software allows businesses to remove redundancy, digitize the collecting and use of task-related data, and assist dispatchers in swiftly assigning and scheduling appointments.

Reps in the field may readily access important information in real-time, tap into client purchase histories, and perform credit card checks while confirming that payments have gone through and SMS alerts or email confirmations have been received using field service management software. Here's a sample of some of Web and SEO Pro's field workforce automation software solutions:

  • Manufacturing & HVAC industry
  • Industrial engineering
  • Heavy equipment & mining industry
  • Healthcare & medical equipment
  • Telecommunications & cable industry
  • Field services & construction
  • Distribution service industry
  • Energy & utility service
  • Public & government sector
  • Facilities & asset management

Growers Express

Customization, integration, and a suite of mobile solutions were all part of Growers Express' field automation for a big agricultural organization.

Progressive Beef

Automated iOS and web-based solution for animal feed yard quality control in the bovine business.


The web-based quality management system for pig farms allows for easy monitoring and management of healthy pigs as well as reporting capabilities.


An android-based mobile program that allows sales representatives to conduct in-store activities, surveys, and compliance checks directly from their cellphones.

How It Works?

Field force automation is a method of providing field personnel with immediate access to order information and works data via a mobile device, hence increasing productivity and efficiency. A centralized server is used by networked businesses to assign appointments or work orders to registered firm field employees. Field employees might get their daily appointments and responsibilities via mobile applications on their Smartphones or other devices. GPS services are utilized to detect the vicinity of the field worker's position over the internet, allowing for more precise job delivery and reassignment.
Web And SEO Pro created and executed a range of online and mobile field automation solutions for Food Link in one such case (formally known as TrueTrac). For Food Link’s agri-business clients, the award-winning system covered a wide range of applications, including product traceability compliance, secure food data storage, reporting, agricultural data gathering, and real-time payroll administration. Farmers can now effortlessly trace fresh produce and link suppliers directly with consumers thanks to this field automation tool. The whole system is automated, from crop collecting to shipping supplies and tracking food quantities, replacing the traditional paper-based ticketing and tagging method.

How Field Automation Helps

Companies may develop an exact process to deal with consumer needs using field service management software or automation services. When field employees have real-time access to client data and preferences, they may make useful service recommendations and provide tailored services, increasing customer happiness and loyalty. Field force automation software allows businesses to keep detailed records of client orders, evaluate completed appointments, and manage field force performance, ensuring that their operations run smoothly. Through a centralized network with expanded mobile-based apps, field force automation is assisting businesses in effectively managing time, establishing effective workforce coordination, and developing interactive scheduling.

Field Automation Solutions

At Web and SEO Pro, we provide bespoke field service management software that allows businesses to boost field team efficiency and revenue immediately. We have been supporting small companies and large enterprises to lower corporate expenditures by reducing time-consuming and tedious data processes by providing comprehensive field force automation solutions and field service management software integration. Our partners have surmounted obstacles such as growing their client base and product portfolio, increasing their sales staff, and meeting rising consumer demands.
The skilled field force automation team at Web and SEO Pro provides cost-effective field service management software integration solutions that include:

  • Reduced data gathering time and increased field rep productivity
  • Paperwork and manual data input are no longer a problem.
  • Time tracking and GPS monitoring features are used to target field operations.
  • With an automated product catalog and ordering systems, you can increase revenue and ROI.
  • For field representatives, process-driven task navigation improves usability.
  • Customer satisfaction levels have grown as a result of improved business processes.
  • For better accuracy, use dynamic scheduling and speedier reporting.

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